Warranty Statement

If the products sold by Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) do have material or manufacturing defects or the equipment functions cannot be used normally during the warranty period, we will responsible for repairing or replacing the same type of products.

Warranty Service Objective

This warranty service is limited to consumers who purchase TOTOLINK products through legal channels in Malaysia.

Warranty Period

  1. Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) provides a legal channel in Malaysia to purchase TOTOLINK Networking products. We provide three-years warranty service to user who have valid purchase invoice within the warranty period.
  2. Networking products come with three-years warranty on the product itself, and 1 to 1 exchange for the first year; power adapter, antenna or other accessories in the package content only provide one-year warranty. The free maintenance and warranty service within the time limit does not include transportation costs related to product delivery; and the accompanying gifts are not covered by this warranty.
  3. Please keep the purchase invoice; if the purchase invoice cannot be provided, Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) will use the product serial number to determine.

New Product Replacement Policy

  1. Replacement of new products must be packed in the original product box with complete accessories.
  2. The scope of replacement service for defective new products is as follows
  • The device itself cannot be powered on
  • The menu or setting screen cannot be displayed normally.
  • Device with invalid control function
  • The appearance of the body is damaged due to non-artificial defects.

Product Not Covered by Warranty The following situations are not within the coverage of this warranty. In term of customer service perfective, Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) will provide maintenance services, but may charge relevant materials and service fees.
    1. The warranty label has been altered or damage.
    2. The product’s serial number does not match, damage, or unclear.
    3. The product is purchased from illegal distribution channels.
    4. Damage not attributable to manufacturing defects of product materials: flood, fire, transportation collision, stains or body problems after use (such as scratches, falls, circuit burnt, extrusion deformation, interface breakage, damp, etc.), and any visible man-made damage or traces of man-made use. If it is determined by the original factory that the product needs to be refurbished and packaged, or the delivery and installation service fees incurred due to the product, the buyer must pay the aforementioned fees.
    5. If the device is damaged without using the original firmware, it is man-made damage and is not included in the warranty conditions.

Others Term & Conditions

The warranty of TOTOLINK products sold by Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is subject to the warranty terms on www.totolink.com.my

Warranty Explaination

All products have their intended purpose of use, and if they are used for purposes other than their intended use, the product will not be covered by TOTOLINK’s warranty, and TOTOLINK will not be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse.

It is recommended to contact TOTOLINK to confirm whether the product needs to be returned for inspection within warranty period.

The use of the product is not covered by the warranty:

  1. Modification or lack of maintenance: Disassembly, normal exposure to sunlight or humid environment.
  2. Product source: non-original packaging or purchased through non-authorized distributors or supplier.
  3. Shipping process: Damage incurred during shipping.
  4. The surface treatment and aesthetics of the product are not covered by this warranty
  5. If the product is not covered by the warranty, all replacement, repair and shipping costs shall be borne by the product owner


Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) will inspect the product when receives it to determine whether it complies with the warranty terms; if it is confirmed that it meets the terms, it will perform necessary repairs or replacements; if it needs to charge the customer, will notify customer before performed of any repairs.

For TOTOLINK products sold by legal channels such as retailers or distributors, when replacing or sending repaired items during the warranty period, the product owner may be charged a handling fee (any personnel, insurance or shipping costs incurred for the service) It is recommended that the holder evaluates and handles it on his behalf or weighs and sends it by himself. The negotiation process and fee claim in this paragraph have nothing to do with Zioncom Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).